Visit Apply Now and fill out your personal information
  (please include a resume, cover letter and recent color photo passport sized), Contact Us or Send an
E-mail to with your contact information.
  InterKrest may conduct a phone interview, video conference or meet you in person depending on where you live.
  (All appointments are pre-scheduled by e-mail)
  Once InterKrest agrees to place you in Korea, we will contact various schools that match your employment preferences available job openings.
  If you are interested in our recommended job position, we will contact your chosen school with detailed information.
  When the school is interested, they often request a telephone interview.
  If the interview with your prospective employer is successful, we will send you an Employment Contract to review.
InterKrest will go through the contract with you to make sure it suits your needs.
Furthermore, we will provide you with current teachers' contact information, if they are available, to discuss
important details, such as desired working conditions.
  Once the contract is acceptable and the school environment is well suited to your needs, please send
£ªThe Required Documents along with the signed Employment Contract to InterKrest in Korea by air-courier service (DHL, FedEx or UPS only).
  The required documents you send are submitted to the Immigration Office nearest to your school in Korea to obtain an E2 Visa on your behalf.
  £ªThe Required Documents
  1. Original copy of the Bachelor's degree
  2. Official, sealed Transcripts of Academic records from your university
  (Must be sealed in a university envelope, with a stamp or seal across the back of the envelope and never opened)
  3. The original signed Employment Contract
  (For public schools, three copies of signed contracts are required. You must sign on each page)
  4. A copy of your passport photo ID page
  5. Four recent passport-sized color photos (3.5cm * 4.5cm)
  6. A Criminal Record Check
  7. E2 Applicant's Health Statement
  8. Copies of any relevant English Teaching Certificate(s) (Optional)
  Sending the Required Documents for the E2 visa differs slightly if you are Canadian.
  After receiving your documents through air-courier, we review everything before passing them on to the school. All the Required Documents are taken to the Immigration Office and a Visa Number is issued in seven to ten days.
  Note: For your convenience, Korea Immigration Service lists the procedure for obtaining the required visa
  We forward the<Issuance Number> of your visa to you by e-mail. Once you receive it, you take the Issuance Number and £ªAll Required Documents to a Korean Consulate in your area.
  £ªAll Required Documents
  1. Visa issuance confirmation number
  2. Original and a photocopy of passport (remaining validity of at least six months)
  3. One recent passport-type color photo (3.5cm * 4.5cm size, white background)
  4. The official set of sealed university transcript
  5. Original university degree
  6. Original Employment Contract
  7. A Criminal Record Check
  8. Completed Visa Application Form
  9. Cdn $55 / U$45 (Visa application fee: Cash or Money Order Only)
  Visa processing time usually takes around 5 to 10 working days.
  Plus conduct a face to face interview at the Korean consulate.
  Congratulations! You have a legal working visa for Korea stamped on the passport.
  Let¡¯s get on the plane and explore Korea!
  (We send the Korean information packet to you by e-mail before you leave.)
  Note: It takes Six to Eight weeks to get an E2 Visa
  £ªPlease contact InterKrest for further details.