Salaries vary from school to school depending on your qualifications, teaching experience and desired locations, but generally range from 1.9M to 2.6M Won per month. (Approximately US$1,900 ~ US$2,600)
  Schools provide airfare for you to and from Korea. Usually, the ticket (Economy class only) is one-way, and will be reimbursed by the school within thirty days of your arrival in Korea.
Then, when you have successfully completed the contract, a one-way return ticket to your country of origin will be
  When you have completed the full twelve-month contract, the school would provide ¡®severance pay¡¯ as an extra
month¡¯s salary.
  The schools provide private or shared furnished-accommodations to teachers free of charge.
£ªPrivate accommodation: 1 bedroom or studio-type Apt. / Shared accommodation: 2 bedrooms or large studio-type Apt.
(Note : The teacher is responsible for paying his/her share of the utilities such as gas, electricity and phones etc.)
  Working hours vary from school to school. Generally, most schools require you to work for twenty-five to thirty hours per week.
(Note: Teachers are expected to devote no less than one hour and no more than one and a half hours per day on lesson preparations.)
  Documented sick leave and emergency leave will be paid for a combined total of three to six working days per year.
  Teachers will be covered by medical benefits under the National Health Insurance Act of Korea.
Fifty percent of the cost of this coverage will be borne by the school, and the other fifty percent by the teachers.
The teacher¡¯s share of this coverage will be deducted from their monthly salary, currently approximately calculated
at 2.38%.
If you have private insurance of your own, then this may be unnecessary.
  1. Income Tax : The current rate is 3.3% to 5% of your salary depending on how much you make each month.
(Tax is exempted for foreigners for the first two employment years in Korea except for Canadians)

2. National Pension Scheme : The current rate is 9%
- 4.5% will be deducted from the teacher's salary and another 4.5% will be paid by the employer.
- Citizens from Canada & USA can refund their pension when they return home to their country with the required documents.

3. Housing Deposit : Generally between 300,000 and 900,000 Won depending on the school's policy
- Usually deducted from first three months salary, but may be negotiable.
- This deposit is to cover any unpaid monthly services, utilities, telephone charges, etc.
Upon completion of the contract the deposit will be returned to the employee after all outstanding monthly services,
utilities, and telephone charges have been paid.