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:Would it be possible to only work for half a year? For example, can I start work in January and end in July or August. If I start my application now then to complete the whole process would probably only allow me to begin next year.

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Thanks for your question.

The normal length of contract for ESL teachers in Korea is 12 months. As a matter of fact, as long as you make a contract for 1 full year, you could be absolutely provided much benefits by employers as below;

1. Free return air ticket. (Value of $1,500. approx.)
2. Free Accommodation for 12 months (12 month x value of $500 = $6,000)
3. Salary: $2,100-$2,400 (Guarantee)
4. Bonus: Equal to one month salary ($2,100-$2,400)
5. Paid vacation: 2 weeks
6. Visa sponsor by school
7. And so on

However, if you would like to have a shorter period of time for the position, you won’t get above benefits package at all. In addition, unfortunately, we currently take care of teachers who are available for 1 year contract.

2013-08-04 17:32:24