Title No teacher profiles postings
Name InterKrest Inc.
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We do not post teacher profiles and we only submit teacher applications to schools that have been screened and verified beforehand.

When Korean schools are looking for teachers, they often contact more than one recruiter. You'll see lots of sites from recruiters that have dozens of jobs advertised. Unfortunately, most (if not all) of these jobs are also advertised on other recruiters' websites, and perhaps by the school itself. It's challenging to keep these kinds of job descriptions up to date as they are often filled within a few days of being posted. All this to say that it is very rare to see a job on a recruiter's website, express interest in it, and actually get that specific job.

What's even more disappointing is that some recruiters will advertise only the best jobs, some of which they may not even have access to, in order to attract applicants. They will then steer the applicants towards the 'usual' jobs that everybody in this industry has access to.
2008-11-18 03:48:08