Title Seoul Drum Festival 2009
Name InterKrest Inc.
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*Date: 2009, September 26, 5pm
*Location: Gyeongsu Middle School- Ttukseom Seoul Forest


Seoul Drum Festival, which began in 1999, became 11th this year, and positioned itself as global festival representing Seoul.
In addition to offering citizens with the opportunity to learn and directly experience the world’s percussion art culture, the festival
provides percussionists, armatures and pros, with the space
to play music and exchange information.

The Seoul Metropolis is exerting all its efforts to establish
Seoul Drum Festival where all citizens can communicate and share
the dynamic sound of percussions and in the process raise the status of Seoul as “culture city.”

Seoul Drum Festival 2009, in particular, hopes to renew itself
in this 11th season by rebooting as the 1st season after
a “decade of history” by seeking innovative changes, and transform the festival as the world-renowned festival where “true emotion”
can be released through the realization of artistic potential.

“Come and feel the dynamic sound of percussions at the Seoul Drum Festival 2009!”

(Sourced by http://www.drumfestival.org/)
2009-09-18 04:00:38